creating artwork for humans and their businesses

Jitterfly offers creative à la carte design services, comprehensive branding packages, ongoing support, and everything in between.


the cornerstone to your branding identity


 Your brand recognition begins with the logo, those mighty words, colors and visual cues in concert together to harmonize your company's identity. 

At first glance, an effective logo conveys the personality of your business, giving the viewer that vital first impression that we know is absolutely crucial in our busy  world. A powerful logo is suggestive of who you are, what you do, what your values are, and creates a mental and emotional response that is embedded in the minds and hearts of the people seeing it.


Each logo is its own little personality waiting to blossom.

Let Jitterfly help you make the best first impression and lasting impact by understanding your needs and creating that leading logo masterpiece!


a cohesive collection of elements that makes you unique

Branding is about knowing what connects you with your target audience and conveying the right message and emotion through intentional design elements, color, typography and the space between them.

Strengthen your company's identity and clarify your brand with a holistic approach that includes a unifying collection of color, icons and submarks, typography, imagery, patterns and backgrounds, layouts, social media templates, and more. 


combination packages or à la carte services

Receive ongoing creative services or just select what you need when you need it.  A sample of services is below:


logo design • icons • business cards • stationery • web banners

complete branding package


small-scale website design •

social media ads, banners, icons,  templates, designs

email templates • web ads


brochures • flyers • posters • signs

postcards • direct mail pieces • invitations

labels • packaging • gift cards


menus • takeout menus • table tents • appetizer cards

comment cards • door hangers • coasters • stickers & labels


t-shirts • apparel • hats • mugs • bags • mouse pads • stickers


Contact me and I can probably do it, if not I'll help you find the right resource.



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kind words from graphic design clients

"It has been great working with Laura on designing product labels for my body care product business. It's really not easy to find a great designer that can work with ones vision but Laura could see it quickly. She's super fast in responding and was great working with my time line. I will be back for more work and looking forward to it."

- Claudia S

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Laura for over a year now...she is not only an amazing human being but also an extremely talented graphic design artist. Her website is very user-friendly and she responds quickly, getting the job done. She has you fill out a questionnaire to figure out exactly how you want your logo and brand to look like. After the design images are uploaded she contacts you immediately so that you can mark which designs you like. There is a comment section so that there's constant communication between the two of you until you settle on the perfect design for your brand! I appreciate how attentive Laura was throughout the whole process. I have worked with other graphic designers and no one has ever been quite like her...AND I finally got the brand of my dreams so that I can take my business to the next level!!"

- Dr. K


If you have a design project brewing or ready to begin, I would love to help!