the cornerstone to your branding identity 

The Logo Experience

first impression and lasting impact

 Your brand recognition begins with the logo, those mighty words, colors and visual cues in concert together to harmonize your company's identity. 

At first glance, an effective logo conveys the personality of your business, giving the viewer that vital first impression that we know is absolutely crucial in our busy  world. A powerful logo is suggestive of who you are, what you do, what your values are, and creates a mental and emotional response that is embedded in the minds and hearts of the people seeing it.


Each logo is its own little personality waiting to blossom.

Let Jitterfly help you make the best first impression and lasting impact by understanding your needs and creating that leading logo masterpiece!

Step One

If you are just a wee bit curious about getting a new logo or ready to jump in, the first step is a friendly chat! (That's easy enough, right?)

Contact me and we can discuss your needs.


Once we've talked and I understand what you want, what the design complexity is, the number of concepts it may take, and so forth, I'll give you a quote for your shiny new logo!

Logo Design Package 

Logo design packages typically include...


  • Brand consultation

  • Approximately 10 logo design concepts

  • Color palette

  • Typography recommendations

  • 1 Final logo

  • Logo layout variations (portrait, landscape...)

  • Submarks / icons

  • Brand style guide

  • Files delivered in vector, print & web formats


If you want to get a head start and dive into brainstorming your logo, check out my Logo Starter page to begin the design process. It's a great start to getting the perfect logo and branding for you and your company.


Check out some logos I created for some amazingly cool people! Hope to work with you soon!