Astronaut Loves Earth

Updated: Feb 18

ASTRONAUT LOVES EARTH, © 2020 Laura Ostrowski.

ASTRONAUT LOVES EARTH features an astronaut in outer space putting their hands together to form a heart around a glowing planet Earth surrounded by stars.

This artwork was inspired by the many stories of astronauts, like Edgar Mitchell, Chris Hadfield, Jerry Lineger, Nicole Stott, Mae Jemison, Leland Melvin, Mike Massimino, and more who have shared their life-changing experience after seeing our home planet from a very different and unique vantage point, from space. Our immense planet becomes small, the boundaries and differences that divide us fade away, as the entire planet is seen as a tiny, brilliant blue ball in the backdrop of endless space.

ASTRONAUT LOVES EARTH, Perspective Changes Everything © 2020 Laura Ostrowski.

When we become united, inclusive and see our humanity and beingness from this holistic perspective I believe positive change follows, including greater kindness towards one another and care for this life-giving magical blue marble in space we call home.

To learn more about the significant change astronauts experience from seeing the planet from space, read this article on Then, check out the must-see National Geographic series hosted by Will Smith, "One Strange Rock," that discusses this effect and the story of Earth from a completely new perspective.

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