SOLAR POWER. No Wars, No Drills, No Spills

Solar Power. No Wars No Drills No Spills - by L.Ostrowski @

SOLAR POWER. Clean, Renewable Energy. No Wars, No Drills, No Spills design features a retro, vintage style in flaming red and sunny orange with a woodcut style sun. This groovy design looks great on shirts, banners, reusable tote bags, and reusable bottles and mugs to promote sustainable, renewable solar energy for a cleaner and more peaceful future.

Check out this design on t-shirts, raglan t-shirts, long shirts, sweatshirts, women's v-neck tees, tanktops, pullover hoodies and zippered hoodies at Amazon.

Also see this design on shirts and other merchandise at Red Bubble and Tee Public.

Perfect gift for solar powered homeowners, thermal and photovoltaic solar panel installers, solar energy advocates, people getting off the grid, and environmental activists who are fighting for a cleaner more sustainable planet, and who are taking a stand on the current climate crisis, climate change, and global warming.

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