the designer & the mission

Laura Ostrowski

Artist, Graphic Designer
Kindness & Environmental Activist

Welcome friend, glad you are here.

Let me introduce myself... I'm Laura Ostrowski, the graphic designer behind the digital brush and creative endeavor of Jitterfly. I love to create art and designs that share my passion for kindness, equality, well-being, animals, the environment, and the planet.

I am a self-employed, freelance graphic designer specializing in logo development, promotional materials, brochures, flyers, menus, small scale web designs, t-shirt & merchandise design, and much more! My main design tools are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign as well as using Wix (for web design).


to be a positive messenger

through creative and expressive art, design,

and positive action to build a free, fair, kind, healthy, and sustainable world for all


In doing so, I have the privilege of making inspiring art for people around the world and serve important causes like the kindness in humankind and the stewardship of our environment. In addition, I also get to meet and help amazing people who are ready to share their passion in their important causes, organizations and businesses.

I specialize in creating original, inspiring and positive-impact art and designs that people can purchase at my partnering online shops as well as create top-notch graphic design, artwork and branding for organizations, businesses and important causes. To see some of my freelance graphic designs and a partial list of clients, view my design portfolio.

My home office studio is located in Broomfield, Colorado - nestled nicely between Boulder County and Denver, Colorado.  My office is partially powered by the sun, and most of my correspondence is done digitally, both of which reduce my footprint on the planet. My main two fashion printers have high environmental and social ethical standards too! Plus, when I'm not designing inside, I am usually tending to my garden filled with food and flowers for humans and those beautiful bees!

If you are interested and in need of some visual artwork, whether it's for your new business, group, organization or good cause, I'd love to hear from you.

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