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Jitterfly offers professional graphic design services and creative strategic partnerships to companies, organizations, and small businesses. Make an impact, get seen, turn heads, inspire, and call people to action with innovative, customized, on-brand designs.

We are in the business of helping you express your business.

We offer graphic design packages
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Graphic Designing

Logo Design

first impression, lasting impact

 Your brand recognition begins with the logo, those mighty words, colors and visual cues in concert together to harmonize your company's identity. 

At first glance, an effective logo conveys the personality of your business, giving the viewer that vital first impression that we know is absolutely crucial in our busy  world. A powerful logo is suggestive of who you are, what you do, what your values are, and creates a mental and emotional response that is embedded in the minds and hearts of the people seeing it.


Each logo is its own little personality waiting to blossom.

Let Jitterfly help you make the best first impression and lasting impact by understanding your needs and creating that leading logo masterpiece!

Graphic Designing




Typography Logo
Monogram Logo
Abstract Mark Logo
Emblem Logo
Mascot Logo
Combination Logo


Logo Complexity, Extra Icons,
Extra Format Variations, Extra Revisions



Logo pricing varies per project depending on variables including the number of initial concepts, logo complexity, logo variations, logo icons, and more. 

Let's connect and we can give  you a quote.

50% Down Payment Upon Start

Extra fees may apply*



50% Down Payment
Project Brief
Logo Concept Presentation
Up to 3 Free Revisions

Logo Finalized

Final Payment
  Files Digitally Delivered

in EPS & PNG formats

100% Ownership



Kicking off the logo process
is the Discovery Phase,
where we explore:

Logo Name

Logo/Brand Goal & Mood

Logo References

Your Likes & Dislikes

Color Palettes

Imagery Elements

And More


Brand Design

expressing your unique business personality

Branding is discovering, developing, and creating your business personality through the character traits of your business. It is about expressing the persona that reflects your values, your offerings, and quality of service through intentional design. 

Strengthen your company's identity and clarify your brand with a holistic approach that includes a solid knowledge of your brand personality, and then we can build your brand voice, message, and visual cues to represent the ideal brand package for you. 


The visual part of your brand contains a personalized color scheme and color guides, iconography, typography guides, imagery guides, messaging guides, patterns and backgrounds, layouts and layout guides, social media templates, and more. 

Logo Designing





Symbols, Icons

Color Palette

Typography Style

Social Media Headers

Website Favicon

Brand Guide


Logo/Brand Complexity

Extra Revisions



Pricing varies on the amount of initial logo & brand concepts you want, complexity, and brand elements you choose.

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50% Down Payment Upon Start

Extra fees may apply*



50% Down Payment
Project Brief

Concept Presentation
Up to 3 Free Revisions

Final Brand Elements

Final Payment
  Files Digitally Delivered

in EPS, PNG, & PDF

100% Ownership



Curated Photo Library

Patterns & Backgrounds

Social Media Post Layouts

Business Cards

Stationery Design

Gift Certificate Design

T-Shirts & Merch Design


Promotional Materials

And More!


Informational &
Promotional Design

marketing assets for your business

Some of the promotional print design services offered:

apparel design, stickers, labels


brochures & flyers

business cards


postcards & direct mail pieces

Powerpoint slide, presentation decks

print advertising

product packaging

restaurant & service menus

sell sheets & sales slicks, decks



white papers

and more


Package & Merch Design

bringing your brand to consumers

Some of the packaging design services offered:

labels & decals

packaging labels

package design

bag design

box design

company merchandise design

t-shirt design

swag & branded promotional products

and much more



online assets to match your brand

Some of the digital design services offered:

web design (using Wix)

web graphics & banners

GIF graphics

app & interface icons, graphics

email signatures

online advertisements

online branding

social media banners

social media post design

and more

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