inspiring, uplifting and motivating through art & interactions

Art for Humans... and their Business

Jitterfly offers art & design for humans & businesses (run by humans). Find your favorite personal art piece for you, your home or gift for that special someone.


As an entrepreneur, get noticed and recognized with the perfect & cohesive branding strategies for your business - including a logo / branding marks, business cards, website, social media headers and more.

Jitterfly Art

Browse Laura's original, inspiring, positive-impact art pieces within a variety of art themes, including 

 whimsical, inspirational, environmentalbohomandalas, cosmicmedicaland more! 

Graphic Design Services

Have a new business or need re-branding services for an existing business?  Let's chat!  Jitterfly creates the full branding imaging tools your business needs to get noticed -- offering logo, branding, icons, social media banners and images, web site design, business cards, brochures, labels, packaging and much more!


Give Jitterfly artwork as gifts or keep to enjoy for yourself.

Shop from any of my many online printers for art prints, greeting cards, home decor, fashion wear, gifts and much more.

Boho Hippie

Get your good vibes on with this groovy Boho Hippie art collection that features flares of Boho Chic, hippie, Bohemian, Polynesian, Tiki, Hawaiian, tattoo art, zen, mandala, and retro throwback styles. 

Food & Drink

Get ready to devour these delicious designs!  Art for Pizza Lovers, Vegans, Tea Drinkers and more!


Environmental Art

As a human being and artist passionate about the care of our Earth and environment, I love designing Environmental Artwork. I hope to spread the message of our amazing planet and the call to action to help protect her and the living eco-system.  Enjoy my Environmental Designs.


Animal art in various styles like activist, hippie, dreamy, Zen, typography-driven and just plain weird.

Woman Power Art

Empowering art for powerful women, strong girls, the rise of the feminine and the evolving world. We know nevertheless, she persisted is the hallmark of the rising tide of the all-encompassing woman and creating a great world in its path. This art collection is inspired by woman and inspiring women around the world.


Float away in the twilight realm with these cosmic creations. Starry nights and spacey skies await you.

Contact the Designer


Hey there!  Laura Ostrowski here... the self-taught artist, designer and  gal behind the digital brush and creative endeavor of Jitterfly.

Have project in mind? Want to comment on my work?  Have a question? I'd love to hear from you. 

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