Jitterfly promotes a better world with graphic design services, statement-making fashion, and partnered positive action.



Jitterfly offers creative à la carte design services, affordable logo design, comprehensive branding packages, simple web design, social media banners and social media post templates, package design, restaurant menus and design, promotional merchandise, and much more



Jitterfly designs and wearable art on t-shirts, shirts, apparel, home accessories, home decor, gifts and gear promote kindness, compassion, peace, social justice, and environmental responsibility to build a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Main Fashion Themes

Kindness Shirts

love, compassion, teacher appreciation, family love, heart word clouds, unity, tattoo heart designs

Environmental Shirts

save Earth, save the planet, save the oceans, save the bees, save polar bears, save elephants, vintage & retro environmental shirts, boho environmental shirts, climate change & climate action shirts, tattoo heart art, environmental word cloud shirts, anti-pollution shirts

Social Justice Shirts

social activism, equality, black lives matters, LGBTQ, women's rights, vintage and retro social justice shirts, we stand together, unity, peace

Animal Lover Shirts

cat lover shirts, dog lover shirts, Zen animals, spirit animals, meditating animals, bee shirts, chameleon shirts, dragonfly shirts, elephants, goat lover shirts, fox shirts, guinea pig shirts, giraffe shirts, polar bear shirts, octopus shirts, otter shirts, sloth shirts, snow leopard shirts, turtle shirts, wolf shirts, and more

Good Vibes Shirts

groovy good vibe shirts, vintage retro rainbow shirts, hang loose shaka shirts, boho shirts, music vibes shirts, chill out shirts, funny meditation guru shirts, yoga shirts, and more

Peace Shirts

vintage shirts, retro 70s peace shirts, retro 80s peace shirts, peace love shirts, peace hand sign shirts, unique peace shirt designs, and more

Science & Geek Shirts

geek & nerd shirts, pro-science shirts, science lover shirts, space shirts, Mars shirts, funny science humor shirts, heart science word cloud shirts, and more

Food Lover Shirts

retro foodie shirts, vintage shirts, funny food shirts, vegan shirts, vegetarian shirts, avocado shirts, blueberry shirts, chocolate lover shirts, coffee lover shirts, guacamole shirts, kombucha shirts, pizza lover shirts, funny pizza humor shirts, ramen noodle shirts, taco lover shirts, funny taco shirts, tea lover shirts and more

Hobbies & Fun Shirts

music lover shirts, guitar lover shirts, gardener shirts, golf t-shirts, biker and bike lover shirts, 80s music lover shirts, book lover and bookworm shirts, funny band camp shirts, hiking t-shirts, and more

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