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Bear Hugs Otter

compassionate sympathy artwork

When you need support, comfort, and a loving hug in your time of grief, loss, sorrow, or despair, feel the warmth and love in this colorful Bear Hugs Otter. This unique artwork expresses the intense feelings of sadness, anguish, and heartache melded with the powerful emotions of compassion, empathy, sympathy, and love with the use of vibrant colors, washed-out watercolors, and spatters of colorful chaos.

Bear Hugs Otter features a gentle and majestic bear cladded with vibrant, colorful threads of fur hugging and comforting a drained, pale-white otter splashed in washed-out pastel watercolors and faint pen strokes. Together the dual embody the dance of raw emotions mixing and merging as spatters, splatters, and speckles of colors fade in and out of the art.

Share a hug with those you love.

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