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Forest Whisperer

Cute, surreal, whimsical artwork of a beehive-haired girl hugging a larger than life bee. #beeart #beehugger #beewhisperer #savethebees #savebees
Forest Whisperer (Magical Heart Tree Forest for Spirit Animals) © 2019, Jitterfly / Laura Ostrowski.

Sneak a peek into the magical and whimsical Heart Tree Forest for Spirit Animals. Whimsical tree girl fashioning red heart leaf hairdo supports an angelic spirit bird as pixie dust floats in the air. A spirit fox looks onward as two spirit bunnies play in the heart-leafed forest floor. Artwork in red, dark brown, black, gray and white.

On wall art, home décor, stationery, greeting cards, sympathy greeting cards, pillows, tote bags, yoga mats, phone cases, mugs, face masks, shirts, stickers, and more.


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