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Heart Earth Word Cloud

Love Earth. This environmental design features a heart-shaped typographic word cloud in white with how to save the planet actions and protect Earth like plant trees, eat plant-based, carbon capture, protect clean water, grow gardens, recycle, reuse, ban plastics, renewable energy, solar energy, walk or bike, buy local, conserve, learn, drive electric cards, go non-toxic, and more!

Perfect gift for environmentalists, environmental activists and activism, Earth lovers, Earth Day, kids on climate strike, vegans, people trying to save the planet and save Earth from climate change, global warming and pollution.

If you have a charity organization or environmental protection project, I'd love to hear from you!

See this design in white typography on eco-friendly and social responsible prints available on shirts and fashion for women, men, kids, and babes as well as reusable bags, travel mugs, home decor, wall art, and accessories.

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