Peace Love Pizza

Updated: 16 hours ago

Vintage Rainbow PEACE LOVE PIZZA t-shirt - funny pizza humor and pizza pun. Hippy, Hippie Pizza art features a gooey, dripping, cheese pizza in slightly distressed 60's, 70's, 80's throwback rainbow in yellow, orange and red.

PEACE, LOVE, PIZZA is the perfect, gooey pizza t-shirt, tee, and gift for pizza lovers, peace makers, pizzeria owners, pizza cooks, pizza waiters, pizza waitresses, pizza loving hippies, pizza delivery drivers, and men, women, teenagers, tweens, and kids who love pizza. Perfect Pizza party shirt!

Check out this groovy gooey pizza design on shirts at Amazon and on shirts, housewares, stickers, mugs, bottles, bags, gifts and gear at Red Bubble and Tee Public.

Pizza, Love, Pizza T-Shirt. Peace Love Pizza Pillow. © 2019, Laura Ostrowsk.

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