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Yoga Woman Meditating

Yoga Woman Meditating design is © 2020 L.Ostrowski / Jitterfly

It is in these unique times we grow... turning social distancing into social compassion; self-isolation into self-reflection; spending more time in our houses into spending more time in our hearts.

With every challenge, like this global COVID19 pandemic, we can find opportunities for love, strength, peace, and growth. That has inspired my uptick in my meditation, yoga practice and inspirational, heart-filled designs, like this one.

Yoga Woman Meditating features an inspirational and spiritual word filled white silhouette of a young woman meditating in namaste yoga pose within a mandala. Word cloud includes divine, peace, enlighten, wisdom, bliss, om, meditation, chi, breathe, spirit, love, joy, zen, wellness, compassion, namaste, forgiveness, chakras, yoga, presence, mindfulness, harmony, humility, sacred, grace, kindness and more.

See the lovely yoga lady in just white silhouette on shirts at Amazon.

Or, view her within her cosmic blue background at: TeePublic or Pixels.


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