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Bee Hugger (Bee Whisperer)

Cute, surreal, whimsical artwork of a beehive-haired girl hugging a larger than life bee. #beeart #beehugger #beewhisperer #savethebees #savebees
Bee Hugger (a.k.a Bee Whisperer) © 2018. Laura Ostrowski.

This whimsical Bee Hugger (a.k.a Bee Whisperer) design features a cute bee-hived, red-haired girl sweetly hugging a larger-than-life bee while standing in a yellow flower meadow under a partly cloudy sky. 

Bee Hugger is available on canvas art, framed art, prints, posters, t-shirts, apparel, tote bags, drawstring bags, pillows, mugs, phone cases, journals, greeting cards, magnets, buttons, stickers and more at:

Bee Hugger at Amazon

Bee Hugger at RedBubble

Home Decor, T-shirts, Apparel, Bags, Mugs, Stickers, Prints, Phone Cases, Acrylic Prints and more.

Bee Hugger at CafePress

Home decor, shirts, apparel, buttons, magnets, drinkware, mouse pads, phone cases, jewelry and more.


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