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TIH Full Logo.png

Client:     Active Media / The Integrated Heart

Project:  Logo & Branding

Year:       2021

Travel through the journey of logo and brand exploration and creation with this bright and playful logo I created for a client at the request of her web designer. 

Phase One


Phase One consists of information gathering and style exploration. After gathering information from my client through an initial questionnaire, follow-up inquiry, and one-on-one consultation, I sometimes use Stylescapes (aka Mood Boards or Inspiration Boards) to explore the right direction for branding. Stylescapes are a fun method of finding the brand direction to help me design the perfect logo and brand to match my client best. 

Below are the three stylescapes presented to this client. She immediately resonated and picked concept one to pursue.

Stylescape 01 - Playful Colorful Bold.png


TIH Icon White.png
Phase Two


Phase two consists of creating logo concepts based on the client's preferences and input. I honed in on three concepts based on different messages from the client, like playful and fun, bright, bold, and liking images of hand-drawn rainbows as well as minimal, angular objects. 

Below are the 3 designs I offered her. She instantly picked concept 3.

TIH Logo Concept 1


TIH Full Logo White.png
Phase Three


Phase three consists of honing in on details of the final logo and branding, making sure the logo looks good in full color and single spot colors, is adaptable to square, vertical, and horizontal configurations, and has a supportive brand with typography, color palettes, and icons.

Below is the Branding Guide for this client.

Style Sample_3x.png


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